∙ Mead Making Kit, 5-Gallons ∙

Everything you need to make 5-gallon batches of mead!

Includes ingredients and recipe for 5 gallons of Wildflower Traditional Mead…

In-person demonstrations also available. Contact us for details.

In-store pickup only



* 5gal Sanitizer Bucket with Lid
* 8oz Star San Sanitizer 8oz
* 7.5gal Fermentation Bucket with Lid
* Air Lock
* 7.5gal Mixing/Racking Bucket with Lid
* 2 Rubber Stoppers (for Lids)
* Racking Siphon/Cane
* 5ft Tubing
* 28in Plastic Mixing Spoon
* Hydrometer
* Graduated Cylinder
* Bottle Brush
* Specific Gravity to ABV Conversion Table
* High Precision Digital Scale (0.1g ingredients up to 2000g).

Includes Ingredients & Recipe for
5 gallons of Wildflower Traditional Mead:

* Detailed equipment overview and step-by-step
* 1 Gallon Wild Flower Honey (not shown)
* 8g K1-V1116 Wine Yeast
* 10g GoFerm Yeast Rehyration Nutrients
* 24g Fermaid O Yeast Feeding Nutrients
* K-Meta & K-Sorbate for stabilization

“Mead Making Kit, 5-Gallons” Bundle ∙ $219

∙ Recipes ∙

Mead Recipes using “Mead Making Kit, 5-Gallons” Bundle

Wildflower Traditional Mead

Comes with your mead making kit

Ingredients and Detailed Step-by-Step Instructions Included!

This recipe comes inside your kit, along with the ingredients to make it.

“Mead Making Kit, 5-Gallons” Bundle ∙ $219

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