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Remeadies Intoxicating Potions

46488 Creekside Rd., Yokuts Valley (Squaw Valley), CA 93675
(559) 392-3521

Gathering of The Hive Mind

Mead Making Mentorship Guild

Enjoy individualized mentorship, group input, mead, bread and good times.

All experience levels welcome, from total beginner to seasoned professional.

2nd Saturday of every month, 2:00-4:00pm
Bring a bottle of mead to share or $15 to cover cost of mead, bread and our professional time.
* Every meeting has a general topic, which shifts based on input from you
* Hands-on mead making demonstrations
* Side-by-side experimentation
* Sensory training
* Recipe creation, tools and resources
* Open questions and answers
* Get help with whatever you are working on

Meet John, Co-Owner & Potions Master

John has been fermenting alcohol since 1999 and is a BJCP Mead Judge. He has over 2 decades of mead making experience and has been a professional mead maker since 2017. John continues to grow today, deep diving into the history, art and science of mead making, even conducting side-by-side experimentation with every new recipe and technique. He is a kind soul and loves to share his hard-earned experience with fellow mead makers as well as chatting about fermentation in general.

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