Our Story

We are a family owned micro-winery located on 5 acres in the Sierra Nevada foothills just outside of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks.
Our Potions Master, John, comes from a culinary family and is one of three brothers who have been trying to out-shine each other since they were very young. This constant competition led each man to hone their culinary skills in different ways.

John’s love of flavors, coupled with his desire to share fascinating creations, led him to brewing in 1999. He has been crafting artisan ciders, beers, mead and breads for family and friends ever since. The art of fermentation and the way the flavors evolve and play off each other satisfies his culinary curiosity, but it is the sharing of mead with the world that truly feeds his soul.
Jennifer is the Director of All-the-Things-No-One-Else-Wants-To-Do and can be found under piles of paperwork, hosting at the Tasting Room or tending the plants & animals of the property.

Her love of nature and co-existence has guided the continuing evolution of the property to create rolling hills of grapes, fruit trees, berries, herbs, spices, flowers, birds, butterflies and cute lawn mowers affectionately known as donkey, horse, llama & alpaca.
We believe that focus on quality is the best way to honor the legacy of mead, cider & wine. That’s why we work with local ingredients and employ the best fermentation processes… to bring you truly exceptional intoxicating potions. 

A Flavorful History of Mead

In a time when gods roamed the earth and mortals dreamed of immortality, there existed a bewitching elixir called mead, the honey-wine…

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Legends whispered of mead’s creation since the dawn of time, from Sumeria to Egypt, Greece to China. Its golden nectar flowed through the veins of gods and stirred the hearts of mortals.

Yet as tides of time shifted, mead faced formidable competition from the agriculture of other fermentable ingredients. Barley, apples, and grapes lured the masses with the promise of beer, cider, and wine. The scarcity of honey transformed mead into a coveted treasure, reserved for kings and queens. As royality became worshiped as if dieties themselves, mead took on a mythical status and became hailed as the “nectar of the gods.”

Legends and myths surrounded mead, weaving a tapestry of divine allure. In Greek mythology, it danced in the goblets of the gods, known as “ambrosia.” Aphrodite savored its intoxicating powers and became the goddess of love and beauty.

Norse mythology spoke of Odin, the Allfather, who discovered the magical mead of poetry guarded by giants. Imbibing in its entirety, he unlocked the eloquence of immortal realms: secret knowledge of art, music, wisdom and of the hearts of man. Viking warriors gathered amidst the mead-soaked walls of their great mead-hall, immortalized in “Beowulf.” In these tales, mead became a symbol of love, valor, and transcendence.

Yet the minds of man are easily distracted and legends fade, if only for a time.

From the embers of forgotten past, a renaissance emerged. Wizards and scholars honed the sacred arts of fermenting honey into wine. Craft meaderies, like alchemists of flavor and artistry, breathed new life into mead. Through carefully selected honey and daring infusions, they conjured intoxicating potions, rekindling the passion for this ancient libation.

So, raise your goblets high, and let the taste of history dance upon your tongue. Imbibe in mead’s magic, and be transported to a realm where gods and mortals meet. For in the realms of mead, past and present intertwine, enchanting all who dare to sip from its mythical cup

“Wassail! Prost! Cheers!”


By John Hutchinson, Potions Master at Remeadies Intoxicating Potions

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