∙ Dry Hopped Raspberry Splash ∙

Carbonated Raspberry Mead with Hops

Effervescent Raspberry Mead featuring fermented and fresh Raspberry flavor with Bitter and Aromatic Hops.

7.5% ABV (alcohol)


“Dry Hopped Raspberry Splash” Mead ∙ $32

∙ Recipes ∙

Cooking & Cocktail Recipes using “Dry Hopped Raspberry Splash” Mead

Raspberry Mead-arita

Raspberry Splash Mead Cocktail

A raspberry twist on a margarita. It’s simple to make, a little fizzy and is sure to make your guests feel special.

2 shots Remeadies Raspberry Splash Mead

1 1/2 shots Silver Tequila (100% Blue Agave)

3/4 shot Fresh Lime Juice

1/2 shot Honey or Agave

2-3 cubes of ice

Coarse salt and lime for garnishing

1) Wet the rim of a glass on one side only. Then overturn the glass onto into a plate of course salt. The salt will stick to the wet side.

2) Add ice into the glass

3) Stir the cocktail ingredients and pour into the salt-rimmed glass with ice.

4) Add a wedge of lime to the edge of the glass without salt and serve.


“Raspberry Splash” Mead ∙ $23

“Dry Hopped Raspberry Splash” Mead ∙ $32

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