∙ Mist Falls ∙

Cranberry-Apple Mead with Aronia Berry, Pear and Grape

Melomel Style Mead (Fruit Mead) from Wild Flower Honey

Tart, refreshing and very juicy!

Inspired by the beauty of our very own Kings Canyon National Park and crafted for the Gena’s Sierra Inn.

Visit them both and tell them Remeadies Intoxicating Potions sent you.

10.5% ABV (alcohol)


“Mist Falls” Mead ∙ $23

∙ Recipes ∙

Cooking & Cocktail Recipes using “Mist Falls” Mead

California Rush

Mist Falls Mead Cocktail ~ 16.6% ABV

Crisp, tart, fruity and goes down easy.

4.5 fl oz / shots Mist Falls Mead 10.5% ABV
1.5 fl oz / shots Vanilla Vodka 35% ABV
3-4 drops aromatic bitters

Twisted around a cocktail skewer…
2 strips of lime zest, peeled lengthwise
10 dried cranberries

For best results, make the twisted lime zest & dried cranberries garnishes ahead of time. Soak them in the vanilla vodka that will be used for the cocktail. This will help extract the cranberry and zest qualities and make serving quicker. Keep refrigerated for up to 3 days in a cocktail shaker so you can pull out the garnish with tongs and then pour the shot through the spout.

If you do not have any of the garnishes prepared ahead of time, I suggest letting the cocktails sit for at least a minute before serving.

“Mist Falls” Mead ∙ $23

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